In the west, cartoons are used chiefly to make people laugh





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Bạn đang xem: In the west, cartoons are used chiefly to make people laugh

(1) In the West, cartoons are used chiefly khổng lồ make people laugh. The important feature of all these cartoons is the joke và the element of surprise which is contained. Even though it is very funny, a good cartoon is always based on close observation of a particular feature of life and usually has a serious purpose.(2) Cartoons in the West have been associated with political và social matters for many years. In wartime, for example, they proved lớn be an excellent way of spreading propaganda. Nowadays cartoons are often used to make short, sharp comments on politics and governments as well as on a variety of social matters. In this way, the modern cartoon has become a very powerful force in influencing people in Europe & the United States.(3) Unlike most American và European cartoons, however, many Chinese cartoon drawings in the past have also attempted to educate people, especially those who could not read và write. Such cartoons about the lives và sayings of great men in china have proved extremely useful in bringing education to lớn illiterate và semi-literate people throughout China. Confucius, Mencius & Laozi have all appeared in very interesting stories presented in the khung of cartoons. The cartoons themselves have thus served to illustrate the teachings of the Chinese sages in a very attractive way.(4) In this sense, many Chinese cartoons are different from Western cartoons in so far as they vì chưng not depend chiefly on telling jokes. Often, there is nothing lớn laugh at when you see Chinese cartoons. This is not their primary aim. In addition to commenting on serious political and social matters, Chinese cartoons have aimed at spreading the traditional Chinese thoughts and culture as widely as possible among the people.(5) Today, however, Chinese cartoons have an added part khổng lồ play in spreading knowledge. They offer a very attractive and useful way of reaching people throughout the world, regardless of the particular country in which they live. Thus, through cartoons, the thoughts and teachings of the old Chinese philosophers và sages can now reach people who live in such countries as Britain, France, America, Japan, Malaysia or australia and who are unfamiliar with the Chinese culture.(6) Until recently, the transfer of knowledge và culture has been overwhelmingly from the West to lớn the East và not vice versa. By means of cartoons, however, publishing companies in Taiwan, Hong Kong & Singapore are now having success in correcting this imbalance between the East & the West.(7) Cartoons can overcome language barriers in all foreign countries. The vast increase in the popularity of these cartoons serves khổng lồ illustrate the truth of Confucius’s famous saying “One picture is worth a thousand words.”


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